I have Grubs....
I have been growing tomatoes, cukes beets peppers lettuce and I went out to do my daily checks on my little garden & all the leaves were eaten off my tomato plants cukes vines were pretty much not connected. So I dug around alittle & found big fat Grubs all full from eating & destroying my veggies. Please tell me what to do? I dont have much tome these guys are working fast.
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Grubs in the soil will eat plant roots, but they don't climb above soil level to feed on the leaves. Some other pest must be feeding on the aboveground parts of the plants. (Also, plants can tolerate quite a bit of root feeding by grubs. Generally, unless your garden has more than 5 or 10 grubs per square foot, you don't need to treat for them.)

You can control chewing insects on the foliage with one of several products. Spinosad is a natural, bacteria-based insecticide that has organic certification. Other conventional pesticides such as carbaryl (Sevin) should work, too.

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this year my vegetable garden has been invaded by some kind of insects that haven eaten the leaves of all my cabbages, lettuce, beets and beans. They have burrowed into my tomatoes and are now feasting on my peppers.I am at a loss. Helpless.
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