How to control Aphids
I have aphids all over my lillies that are growing in a container. I sprayed them with a blast of water and knocked them off but most of them fell to the dirt inside the container. Are they dead now and if not will they just crawl back up onto the flower? Do you have any homemade/organic remedies? I really dont want to use a store bought insecticide as I have children and animals.
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Thanks for writing. In most cases, when you knock aphids off a plant, they won't climb back on. But because there may be aphid eggs on your lilies, you'll want to watch them and be prepared to spray with water again a second time if you see any of them hatch and begin to grow.

If you'd like a more natural product, try a spray such as insecticidal soap, Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew, or a product with neem oil. These are all relatively low-impact products.

By the way: We often get asked for home-made remedies for controlling pests. Some of the "recipes" I've seen are actually more dangerous than the products you buy at the store. Just because you use a product (such as ammonia) at home doesn't mean it's safe.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

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