Grasshoppers eating coleus
I've used Insectical soap and Neem Oil and neither seem to work. The grasshoppers are so numerous I can't keep up with them. They're eating holes in all of the different varieties of coleus I have and I'm concerned what organic product to use because I don't want to harm the beautiful leaves anymore than what the grasshoppers have done. I live in Zone 6 in the country so I know our rural location doesn't help. These are all in containers and flower boxes.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

This is a really tough problem because it's not necessarily that the insecticides (organic or not) don't work, it's that the grasshoppers are so numerous that even if the product does work, there are a hundred more hoppers lined up to take another bite. Chances are, the damage would be even worse if you hadn't sprayed anything, but there's no way you can eliminate the damage entirely regardless of what you use.

Fortunately, this should be a temporary thing. The grasshoppers will die or move on within a few weeks, probably. In the meantime, I would continue to use Neem. I doubt that the soap will do much in this situation.If you really have a prized container, you could try covering with some netting of appropriate mesh size to keep out the hoppers. It would look goofy, but would be effective until the bugs die down.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors