Getting rid of aphids
I am having problems with 2 kinds of aphids. One is black and infests my mockorange. It started the year I planted it. Moving to new house/garden didn't help. I've tried soapy water, planting marigolds, blasting them with the hose, insecticides and just squashing them. They always improve, but are never gone completely and then are back again first thing in the Spring. The other aphids are the green ones on roses. I've tried the same with them and they just will not die.
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

It may be unrealistic to expect to completely get rid of aphids. They give birth to live young, so their population can increase rapidly and dramatically. The steps you have been taking should be effective in keeping the population at a manageable level. Using low-toxicity treatments such as insecticidal soap, squishing them, or blasting them with water are good for keeping the population of natural predators, such as lady bugs, at high levels. Actually it's good to have a few aphids around to attract the natural predators. Another product you might try for managing aphids is spinosad, a natural insecticide.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors