Plum tree not producing
We live in the NW, cold dry climate. Two years ago, when we first moved in, our plum tree produced a lot of good, purple-red plums. It was overgrown and neglected, though, so we pruned it in very early spring. It produced only a few plums last year and none this year, though it's leafing out like crazy. It's also infested with aphids. Did we overprune it? How can we encourage it to bear?
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Thanks for writing. Did your plum produce many flowers? If not, then it may have been overpruned. If it did flower well, then there may be another issue such as no pollinators. Most plums bear best when there's another variety nearby to pollinate it. If one of your neighbors, for example, had a plum and cut it down, you may have lost the pollinator.

I'd wait and see what happens next year --- if pruning was the issue, then it should flower and fruit well.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by BHGgardenEditors