I lived in the mountains I have a garden but there is a lot of snakes even if they are a garden snakes I have chills when I see them, & I don't recognize some of them. What can I used to keep them away? Thanks
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I'm glad you realize that they aren't bad to have around, and I hope that you don't kill them. They are very important for insect and rodent control. Get rid of snakes and in a couple of years you'll have more bugs, mice and rats than you thought possible. There are snake repellents that can work, but if I were you, I would try to remove any habitat or shelter near the garden so they move farther away. If they are hiding under a shed or nearby house, it's going to be hard to keep them away. They like to live under mulch and compost piles, building rubble, rock piles, stacked wood--places like that--so move those kinds of things away from your garden. Keep the grass cut short all around the garden for several feet--tall grass is a good place for them to hide.
They scare me too, but mostly because I don't hear them coming and all of a sudden they move and make me jump. Think of them as lizards without legs, and remember how great they are at keeping bugs and rats away.

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We tried mothballs. After having had snakes get into a raised flower bed. We sprinkled the mothballs around the outside near the wall. So far, we have not found any. I, too, don't mind them, but they certainly make me jump when hey hiss at me.
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