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How can I keep my neighbors dog out of my flowers. I can't even tend to them without moving dog pooo! It's disgusting. Do spray's really work? Do moth balls work? Asking the neighbors to discurage the dog hasn't worked. Do they make a spray for bad neighbors. Ha! Just kidding. Please help! Depressed Gardener
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Thanks for writing. I'm sorry to hear about your frustrating situation!

There are a number of sprays available, but I've heard mixed reviews on how they work. Some gardeners love them; others felt they were a waste of money. So they may be worth a try if you keep that in mind.

Is it possible to put up a small, decorative fence along the property line to discourage their dog from crossing over? That's often the easiest solution, especially if they don't have a large dog.

Other than that, I'm afraid I don't have a good solution other than talking to your neighbors and convincing them that their dog should not be making deposits on your property. After all, dog poo can transmit diseases to humans --- so it is a bit of a health hazard, especially if you don't own a dog yourself.

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I have made pepper spray, with red peppere and water. I put my peppers in a food processer and add water to make a spray. You have to reapply about once a week but it works good.
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