Natural squirrel repellant
How do I keep squirrels away from digging in my potted plants without using anything toxic? A friend of mine told me to use cayenne pepper on the soil. Would this hurt the plant? Thanks Audrey
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Hi Audrey,

Thanks for writing. There's nothing I can recommend that will guarantee the squirrels will leave your plants alone. But some gardeners do sprinkle hot pepper on the soil or make a spray with a couple of tablespoons of Tabasco sauce in a gallon of water with a teaspoon or so of dish soap.

There are also commercial squirrel repellents you can try if that doesn't work. One I know of that's pretty readily available is Squirrel Stopper:

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We have encountered a lot of heartache with our vegetable garden. I tried every single suggestion from all the gardening forums. Peppers, ultrasonic devices, fox urine and even human hair. All worthless. Finally, I got a very strong recommendation from a farmer that swore by a motion activated sprinkler unit. These things are fantastic!!! They deliver a precise burst of water to anything that comes into its range. It keeps everything away! Here is a link :)
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