Moles & Squirrels
What can I use to get rid of moles & squirrels(park across the street) without harming the dog or veggie garden?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Sadly, there's no easy answer to either of these animal pests. Squirrels are almost impossible to keep at bay, especially if you have a park across the road. There are spray repellents you can try if you want to protect a certain part of your garden, but they aren't going to help much for an entire landscape. Moles, too are difficult, but patience is the best method of dealing with them. These underground carnivores dine mainly on earthworms which are near the surface of the soil during the spring when it's cool and moist. As summer approaches and the ground gets harder, the worms migrate deeper into the turf and the moles usually disappear. You can try a mole trap which you can buy at most garden centers. These traps sit over the mole trail and shoot sharp forks into the ground to kill the mole as it travels underneath. The key here is to locate a mole trail that's being used on a regular basis. Moles often make trails and never use them again. So, press some of the trails lightly with your foot and if the trail ridge rises again the next day, you know it's an active trail and you can set your trap. I must tell you, however, that trapping moles is very hard (I've never been successful) and it's often easier to just wait them out because they will leave on their own.


Answered by BHGgardenEditors