Gophers and Squirrels
How do I rid my yard and garden of gophers and squirrels?? They are out of control!!
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

Since you don’t say exactly what kinds of damage your yard/garden is suffering because of the animals, I can only give you some general pointers. I always tell people that there are regional and species differences that can affect the solution too, so if I were you, I would also talk to the people at the local extension office.
Are you feeding birds? If so, only use a feeder that the squirrels cannot get access to. As long as there is a ready food source for the squirrels, they’ll be more than pleased to stick around. I know that Messina makes a squirrel repellent, but I haven’t tried it (I do like their rabbit repellent): In fact, they have a gopher repellent too.
People call several small animals gophers, and they might be referring to ground squirrels or chipmunks. First, be sure you know what animal you’re really dealing with (again, extension can help). If they are true gophers—probably pocket gophers—they will be difficult to get rid of. You can try trapping them with a special gopher trap—try a farm supply or hardware store for that. Or you can try flooding out their tunnels with a garden hose—you’ll probably have to do that repeatedly. Or you can fence the yard or garden area, and bury hardware cloth 2 feet into the ground. Or you can hire an animal control professional. Not sounding too positive, am I? Sorry about that, but those gophers are stinkers. If you do manage to get rid of them, keep a watchful eye—they’ll probably try to move in again.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors