Is there a book or list of plants that gophers won't eat. I know they don't touch daffodils, Pink Lady's slipper, and Foxglove, but these are the only flowers I have not had any problems with. I have been planting every thing else in planters. I live on the central coast of California but not right next to the ocean so salt spray is not a problem. The weather here is cool to warm except for an occasional hot day. Thank you.
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I don't know of a book or list of plants that gophers avoid, but several plants are quite well known. Strong smelling plants especially herbs such as the sages (culinary and ornamental), lavender cotton, lavender, and castor oil, yarrows, hellebores, monk's hood, and euphorbias (spurges) are a few more. Contact your local Cooperative Extension office ( yellow or blue pages of the telephone directory). They may have a list that is useful locally. I think your best bet is to continue to plant in containers or line your flower beds with chicken wire to a depth of about 24 inches.


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I have tried ammonia soaked sponges put them down in their holes cover it up and they do leave. For how long?? I let you know.
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I have had the same problem for about 6 months now...dryer sheets! I was told this by the water department, as gophers get into the water systems here and destroy...Take dryer sheets and fill the holes as you see them popping up. I have also been creating a root ball out of chicken wire around the plants(coated if possible). This has made a huge impact! They are still on the property...but I am seeing less and less trouble since the dryer sheet. Also, try cayenne when planting
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