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I have quite a large yard but many problems growing plants and flowers. Voracious Bunnies, digging chipmunks and clumsy raccoons have made it almost impossible. I only plant herbs and flowers on my deck in large pots, but the deck is shaded most of the day and the chipmunk this last summer began to dig under all my plants, killing them from the roots up! Help! I really love flowers. What can I plant and how? Any help will be very appreciated. Thank you!!! Renata Fermon
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First, to take care of the bunnies, sow some clover seed with your grass. This really helps. Bunnies will eat the clover to the exclusion of almost everything. It doesn't mean they won't touch anything else--just that they will fill up on the clover first and barely graze on other stuff. One exception seems to be Asiatic lilies, but that's another story.

As for chipmunks, I deal with them all the time. They continually go after nuts and bulbs that I plant. You can exclude them from pots with chicken wire, placed just below the soil surface so you can't see it. When they start digging, they will encounter the chickenwire and move elsewhere. You could also: A) get a cat; B) try a repellent such as Messina Wildlife's Squirrel Stopper; or C) feed the chipmunks (and squirrels) so they have less interest in attacking your plants.

Oh, you might also consider plant selection, staying away from bulbs and instead concentrating on hardy annuals and groundcovers that do not attract animal pests.

Good luck!
Luke Miller, editor
Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living magazine.

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