soil in Garden close to new home, hard to grow plants in
We have a home that is a new built- 1 yr. ago. It was landscaped partially by the builder with garden areas dug close to foundation. I have tried to grow birds of paradise- plumbago etc. in these areas. The plants don't do well and seem to get enough water with the sprinkler system. Several neighbors have said it is because of concrete foundation chunks etc. in the soil. Can I layer new soil on top?- Is it necessary to dig out the old soil ? What is the solution? I have a wood chip garden!Help
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After a house is newly built the ground around it is frequently poor, compacted, and full of rubble - not a good growing environment. I would suggest that you keep a path between the house and new flower beds that you have in ind. The soil can be dug out if it is possible, or you can create a raised bed by putting new soil on top and surrounding it with timbers. This will work as long as the existing soil underneath drains well. If you put on new soil try to mix it in with what is already there and remove any concrete or rubble that you unearth. Another idea is to plant the flowers that you like - bird of paradise etc in containers above ground. This can make for a very attractive effect and saves a lot of grief and backache. Group several containers of different sizes together for an interesting look. The possibilities are endless.

Answered by BHGgardenEditors