Horse Manure
I Have a small garden with my home it is 20ft long X 10ft wide,it is 3 meters away from my kitchen, I have a source of horse manure,I would like to know if I can make use of it and how to treat it, I know that it smell badly, Farmers here will put loads of trucks manure and leave it in the fields for some time and then they distribute it with the soil.Can you me any advices Please. Thanks and Regards.
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Thanks for writing. Horse manure, when it's fully rotted (after about a year) is a really wonderful soil amendment. If you have a place you can make a pile of horse manure and let it rot, you can definitely enrich your soil with it. You just can't use it fresh --- it has too much salt in it, usually, and may harm your plants. That's why it needs to be aged.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,"

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