flying bugs in my compost pile
Why do you think I have flying bugs in my compost pile? I have been adding to it all winter, mostly kitchen scraps and coffee grounds, stirring it once in a while. It is in a plastic bin bought from Gardeners Supply. How can I get rid of them? Beth
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"Hi Beth,

Thanks for writing. The flying insects are probably attracted to the decomposing organic matter. While they're annoying, they may actually be helping --- a variety of bacteria, insects, and other living things help your compost decompose more quickly.

If they're too annoying to live with, try adding more brown, carbon-rich materials (such as weed-free straw or dried leaves). That may help bring your pile into better balance so it's less attractive to the type of flying insect you're seeing.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, "

Answered by BHGgardenEditors