Grass Seed & Muddy Soil
I recently tilled my yard to lay grass seed. Soon after we have had two heavy rains. Part of the yard that was tilled is now muddy (with puddles). Is there anything that I can do to improve the absorption of the water in the soil (i.e. lay mulch, peat moss, kitty litter (?), sand, etc.). It's a small yard (4'x40'). I have NOT laid the grass seed yet. Chicago, Illinois
Submitted by gingerwilson1

Hi, Well the best way to improve soil's water retention ability is to till in organic matter such as compost, rotted manure, leaf mold, etc. By the way, do not ever use kitty litter. i'd wait for the soil to dry out, add organic matter (at least a couple inches over the soil surface) and retill.

Answered by doug.jimerson