"Rose bush without roses"
I moved to my boyfriends last year, and he has had these two rose bushes in the front yard for about 3 years (I live close to Columbus, Ohio). This year one of the rose bushes hasn't bloomed at all. The bush seems to be growing great, with healthy leaves and new foliage regularly. Why aren't any roses blooming on it?
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Thanks for writing. Do you know what type of rose it is? One of of the most common causes of a rose not blooming is that if it was a hybrid tea, graniflora, or floribunda type, these roses are often grafted onto another rose's roots. If the top part of the rose dies, then the variety that the roots are takes over --- and most of these root varieties are known for their lush, vigorous growth and not their blooms.

So if this is what's happened, the only thing you can do is dig out the rose and replace it with a new plant. (Note: Many shrub roses are fully hardy and they're not grown on another variety's roots so you don't have to worry about this.)

Other reasons that may explain its lack of blooms could be too much shade, too much fertilizer (especially if it's high in nitrogen), or too much pruning of the plant. Of course, without seeing it, I can't say whether any of these are good candidates for being the cause.

---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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