How to get rid of Indian or Mock Strawberry weed?
How do I get rid of Indian or Mock strawberry weeds? My entire backyard is comprised of mud and these weeds. Not a blade of grass to be found. I realize its shade loving but I can't cut the three large neighboring trees.
Submitted by karenthompson83

Try Roundup. If it's too shady for grass, then you'll want to plant something else in its place, like hostas, but just killing the strawberry weed should be no harder than any other weeds if you  use Roundup.

Answered by EricLiskey
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i completely agree that round up should be a last resort, its very bad for the environment and it will not only kill the mock strawberries but also any grass around them and you wont be able to plant anything there for a few months.
Submitted by JadedMage

I clicked the "was this helpful link" thinking it would let me say yes or no, but it just made it say yes. :( Roundup is an awful chemical and you should research the effects on the environment and other plants before advising someone to use it on their lawn & around trees that they don't want to damage.
Submitted by abcsmitty