Can dying Platts Black New Zeland Flax be saved?
I planted New Zealand Flax (Platts Black) plants two years ago in a sunny location and they've never done well. All the blades have fallen over and when the blades are pulled gently, easily detach, as if rotted, and the center looks rotted. I cut them all back to about 24". I also noticed that there were tons of roly poly (potato) bugs that had infested the center of all of them. Is this what has damaged them? I'm wondering if they can be saved--they were expensive. Help?!
Submitted by gundergolf1

The roly polys are not the cause, they are just there to eat the decaying plant matter. Sounds like you have a rot problem and these are usually a result of too much watering and/or poor drainage. Cut back on irrigation and improve drainage if you can. If not, maybe this isn't the best site for a NZ flax. They like it hot and dry(ish).

Answered by EricLiskey