What tall plant offers privacy quickly?
I need patio privacy from a street that is way too close. We live in northwest with lots of rain and the area is sunny part of the day. Any suggestions? Something that blooms would be great. I was reading about oriental lillys from bulbs that grow 4-8 ft. That sounded great, but I can't seem to get back to that spot on bhg.
Submitted by nwnowp

Hi, Well some Oriental lilies do grow that tall, but they are not great at providing privacy since once the flowers finish, the plants slowly mature and die back for the year. The key is how much sun you have. If you have over 6 hours a day you could look at sun-loving options. I suggest you go to our Plant Encyclopedia on this website and do an Advanced Search. You may find your planting options are limited by the amount of sun you have. Most plants that flower require a decent amount of sun. So, you might end up with an evergreen such as arborvitae.

Answered by doug.jimerson