How do I refinish the exterior of a log home?
What are the best techniques, products, etc. to use for restaining and sealing, the outside of a log home? My home is in Michigan. The outside is very weathered and has not been redone for many years. I have been given estimates from 3 people, all of who use different products and techniques-- like using a power spray to remove old varnish, or scrape and sand off old varnish, etc.
Submitted by devilakshmishi

If it were my home I would be reluctant to have anyone power-wash it.  While a power-washer does a good job of knocking of the outside surface on wood, it pumps a tremendous amount of water into a structure, which as you know can cause even more trouble.  I would think your best choice would be the "old school" method.  Scrape and sand, then a wash to remove whatever is still on the logs.  You might want to look into some organic based "paint strippers" to dissolve the old varnish since I doubt you will get a good job going over this.  I would choose the most experience painter of the mix, since in this case you will want the most traditional sealing job you can ( oil-based materials)

Just don't power-wash, a bucket and stiff bristle brush with the garden hose to rinse will work just fine.