Can I cover a brick wall with wooden slats?
I have a brick wall that is painted in several colors. I would like to modernized the wall by putting wood slats across to give it an asian feel. I have the idea, but have no clue where to begin, what tools are necessary and or if it is hazardous, as I have a wood burning stove in front of the wall. Please advise. It's hideous and I can't wait to replace it.
Submitted by justintyme

I am not really sure what you are trying to accomplish here with installing slats over the wall, I am not familiar with the look that you are seeking.   I will say that there is really not any easy ways to install the Slats on a brick wall.  With Concrete or brick using either Tap-Con masonry screws or a power actuated fastener gun could be a possibility, but neither would give a finished look.  You may want to find an interior decorator that can help you formalize your idea and maybe have another way to accomplish the look that you are seeking.

Answered by AskAProAllison