What does "part sun" mean with respect to the acceptable conditions for a particular plant?
When your online plant encyclopedia categorizes a plant as "part sun," does that mean (a) that the plant should be in only filtered, but not direct, sunlight or (b) that direct sunlight part of the day, and shade for part of the day, is all right for the plant? (Orinda, California)
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Thanks for writing. "Part sun" is kind of a tricky one because it means a lot of things. Essentially, you can consider part sun to mean the area gets at least a couple of hours of direct sun a day, but less than 6 hours of direct sun.


If it's bright, filtered light all day, it could be part sun, but it's more likely shade, though many part-sun plants may do well in those conditions.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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