How do I widen a doorway on a load-bearing wall?
We have a standard doorway (no door) between our dinette area and living room. We would like to widen this doorway, to the next stud (about 15 inches). This appears to be a load-bearing wall - does the fact that it is a load-bearing wall prevent us from widening the doorway without a major headache? Thank you in advance, I appreciate your help!
Submitted by justinandmarie2004

Well if this is a support wall it will be a major project, because you need to install a support beam to carry the weight of this opening.  You should probably seek out a professional ( to see what would need to be installed.  With our company, a lot of times we can widen a doorway, that is a support wall, with an Engineered Lumber Beam (LVL) that can easily be installed with some framing knowledge.  If this wall thought does appear to be a load bearing support wall, I would recommend getting a professional (with proper insurance) to come and give you an idea of what it would cost to properly install a support beam.

Answered by AskAProAllison