Curb Appeal design
I have a half-circular shaped lawn surrounded by a circular driveway. It has a fully grown maple tree in the middle and I don't see anything even remotely close to a design for a front yard of this shape. It is not a big area - 30' long and approx. 15-18 feet from driveway to ditch area. At present it is an unused bland area and I need some advice on curb appeal/design for this area. Any suggestions?
Submitted by domes1

Hi, Sorry you could not find anything on our site to help you. We do have over 200 plans on this site. However, the problem here may be the maple tree. Maples are very difficult to grow under because they produce deep shade and have very shallow root systems. I have Sugar, Norway, Red, and Silver maples on my property and very few plants can survive underneath them. Without seeing a photo of the area it's impossible for me to give specific advice about what to do. Under a very mature maple you often have to resort to adding a mulch covering and using pots of shade loving annuals underneath. I might suggest you check with your local garden center or nursery and have them visit your yard for a first-hand look.

Answered by doug.jimerson