No growth from elephant ear bulbs
My husband planted elephant ear bulbs at the beginning of spring (zone 8)& we have yet to see any growth. He planted directly into our beds outdoors where, until our trees filled in, the beds had sun/part sun exposure. Now the beds are in part sun/shade and we still have yet to see anything grow. We are in middle Tennessee, so rain has not been in shortage. Should I dig them up to make sure he planted them the right way? If I do dig them up, will they be ok to replant?
Submitted by jenfortner1

Hi, Well these plants are tropical in nature so if you haven't had hot temperatures yet, they may just be sulking in the soil. Also, if you've had cool, wet weather, it's possible that the bulbs rotted. I might try to dig one up and see what's going on, but don't expect much until really warm weather. These guys are frost sensitive, too.

Answered by doug.jimerson