Quesion on the flowering of gladiolus
Can you tell me why my gladiolus do not flower? I get the long, leafy part but not any flowers. Any suggestions? I love on Staten Island, a suburb of New York City. I have planted in both sun and partial sun/shade and have had no success.
Submitted by plcortes

Hi, Well glads need full sun and warm temperatures. They are a tropical bulb that generally blooms with no problem if given enough sunshine. Non-blooming could be caused by planting very young bulbs. You don't say how big your bulbs are, but often I see small bulbs being sold in large bags and some of those I see are way too young to develop decent flowers. Remember that buying bigger bulbs results in better flowers. Also, they need a well drained soil and will just sit there, and possibly rot if you plant them in solid clay. I can't really say why yours aren't blooming, but I'd buy fresh, large bulbs and plant them in the sun. They should do fine.

Answered by doug.jimerson