Can you move an established magnolia tree??
I have a beautiful magnolia tree that was in place when my husband bought the house almost 20 years ago. Unfortunately where it was "planted" ended up being a corner between the front porch and an addition (added on long before we got here!). I don't want to loose my magnolia, but I need to move it away from the house. We've already had to replace the foundation on the addition because of the magnolia roots & it's causeing issues with the roof & siding. Is there any hope? Mel Raymond, Ohio
Submitted by momcook02

Hi, Established magnolias can be very difficult to move because they have extensive root systems and they can be very fussy about transplanting. Since this tree is already right up against your home it would be difficult to move a tree spade into place to move the tree. Also, they only really should be moved in early spring before breaking dormancy. I don't want to sound too pessimistic, but you may be forced to cut this tree down and plant new.  You might want to get a tree mover's advice who can see the tree in person, but keep in mind, you can't even move this tree till next March or so.

Answered by doug.jimerson