How do I kill an invasive Morning Glory Vine?
Years ago, I made the mistake of planting morning glory along my fence. It has become very intrusive to the rest of my garden. Every spring, and all summer long, I have to keep pulling out the new growth. the roots travel under the soil, and the new growth pops up all over the place and entwines up my other plants. Please help! How do I kill this without killing my other plants?
Submitted by barb_f1

Hi, You can use Round-up herbicide on it. Just a note though, this sounds more like bindweed, a rogue relative of the morning glory. Morning glories can be invasive, but they are not generally this hard to get rid of. I bet you have bindweed, which is a nightmare to deal with and looks very much like morning glory. It took me forever to get rid of it in my garden and mostly I had to hand pull. No easy solution here, sorry.

Answered by doug.jimerson