Making an urn a focal point in a southern garden
I want to place an urn(fiberclay or cement) that's approx. 22" tall, 20" diameter in the middle of my perennial flower bed that's located along the front foundation of my home. My flower bed is done in pastels and my home has light gray vinyl, cedar-shake siding with a white block foundation and trim and navy blue shutters. What combo of annuals can I plant that will make a beautiful focal point in my southern style garden but still do well in this container with full sun in West Virginia, zone
Submitted by davidwm88

There a lots of choices of annuals that could work in this situation. Because your house includes gray and navy blue, either pinks or blues would complement it. Some drought-resistant annual plants to consider are: gomphrena, moss rose, statice, scaevola, vinca, salvia, lantana, geranium, and dusty miller.

Answered by DSchrock