moles taking over my flower beds
i have moles infesting my flower bed........what can i do??? They are making me crazy!!!!!
Submitted by alec_nicole

Hi, In the spring moles can be very annoying because they make so many tunnels just under the surface of the soil. I guess the good news here is that the moles' tunneling behavior does help aerate and turn your soil. Moles love to dine on earthworms, which are frequently close the soil surface in the springtime but as the weather dries out the earthworms migrate deeper into the soil and the moles move on. There seems to be a million folk remedies for getting rid of moles (like putting chewing gum in their tunnels), but none of these folk remedies work. I would suggest you be patient or if they are really bothering you, look for mole repellent products from Liquid Fence at your local Home Depot or Lowe's. They have a pretty good repellent and even have fake earthworms you can drop into their  holes that are so distasteful that the moles are repelled. These critters are not easy to get rid of, but they do move on.

Answered by doug.jimerson