Miniature and dwarf shrub, tree, and plant suggestions.
Hello, I am pulling out all of the existing shrubs that are in the beds at the front of my house. Everything has grown together over the years. I would like to go with miniature and dwarf shrubs, trees, and plants (6' max height) in the beds and would like some recommendations. I do not want to plant anything that is likely to spread via the root system like the holly that is in my beds now. I appreciate your time in answering my questions. Scott Doss
Submitted by dossscott

Hi, Well without knowing more about the site, exposure, soil, etc it's impossible to help very much via email. I suggest you go to our Plant Encyclopedia on this website and do an Advanced Search and you should get a planting list. Also, visit your local independent garden centers to see what looks good to you and get some local advice.

Answered by doug.jimerson