plum tree
i have a tree in my backyard that is a plum tree but the plums are small as a marbel and thy fall off the tree the next day. what do i do to make bigger fruit and stop them from falling off the tree.
Submitted by perezcindy61

If your plums fall off the tree when they are marble-size in diameter, they either are not getting pollinated or are damaged by an insect such as the plum curculio. Do you have more than one plum tree or are there other plum trees nearby that bloom at the same time as your tree? If not, you may need to plant another plum tree of a different variety to get cross-pollination.

Also, check the fallen fruits for scarring. Plum curculio adults make a crescent-shape slit in the developing fruit where they lay their eggs. For more on how to identify and control plum curculio, consult this bulletin from Texas A&M University:

Answered by DSchrock