Lavendar planting
Hi: I just purchased Goodwin Creek Gray Lavendar. It is in a 4" pot. Just wondering what size container I should plant it in. Live in Dallas,Tx. and the lavender will be in a pot on my patio that receives full sunlight. Appreciate your help.
Submitted by pbtex98

If the lavender will be in a pot by itself, you'll want to use a pot somewhere between 12 inches and about 24 inches in diameter. You may want to start with a smaller pot, and gradually move the plant up to a larger size as the plant grows. The advantage of using a larger pot, is that the plant will grow larger and require less frequent watering with a larger pot. However, if you place it in a huge pot to begin with, the roots won't readily fill the container, and part of the soil will be wet while the root zone has already dried out.

Answered by DSchrock