Re : plant 'Rosa Radrazz' and 'Emerald Green'
1. Where should plant Rosa Radrazz in the garden? 2. How deep I should dig to plant Rosa Radrazz? 3. Where should plant Thuja Occidentalis 'Emerald Green'? 4. How deep I should dig to plant 'Emerald Green'? Thank you. Agnes

The rule for planting holes is wide, not deep. Dig no deeper than the container that the plant is growing in. In heavy soils, it's best to place the tree or shrub so that the top of its container soil is a couple of inches above the surrounding grade. However, the wider that you dig the hole, the better. This allows the roots to spread wide as they adapt to their new location.

Both Rosa 'Radrazz' and Thuja 'Emerald Green' will grow best in full sun.

Answered by DSchrock