How will shade ground cover look when placed in bare spots though out my lawn
I have lots of shade in my back yard. There are at least 60 bare spots in different areas,through out my lawn. Won't it look weird to have shade ground cover in all the bare spots with grass surrounding it. Won't the ground cover take over the good grass or look like weeds? Also I have a lawn service that sprays throughout the season for weeds, grubs etc. Will the spraying kill the ground cover? Help! I want a beautiful lawn Thank You!!!!
Submitted by lsorrento1

It's an age-old dilemma: beautiful lawn or dense shade. The two are incompatible. If you want a dense lawn, you may have to thin the trees to let in more light. Or you can plant shade-tolerant groundcover that will grow well in the shade. Many groundcovers tolerate some foot traffic and make a beautiful lawn substitute. Rather than planting the groundcover in a patchwork manner, make larger beds out of it. You may choose to get rid of the grass in the areas with deepest shade, but work at keeping the grass growing in the sunnier spots or where the grass is growing best.

Answered by DSchrock