Perennials in the YUKON!
I am recently moved to Whitehorse,YT, Canada and unfamiliar with this zone. I would like suggestions for hardy perennials & shrubs that winter well, also 2-3 hardy trees for this zone, I love Weeping Birch and Magnolia? Backyard 50'x68' currently is all gravel(quick snow-melt drainage)with a 9'x68'raised bed @ back, exposed to full Summer sun so love to incorporate a pergola! Also love bird baths and water features. I want a fabulous, successful garden with easy winter care. Thanks, Jamie
Submitted by jamiecsloan

I'm afraid that you're out of luck when it comes to magnolias in the Yukon, unless you provide special winter protection for them. But birches are a good bet. You can find a list of plants hardy in your Zone by using the advanced search option in our plant finder encyclopedia at (You're in Canadian Zone 1a, but I believe that equates to USDA Zone 2. We use the USDA Zones.)

The other good news is that if you have reliable snow cover, you may be able to grow perennials that are much less hardy than would survive in the open, because snow is such an excellent insulator. A colleague in Quebec City (USDA Zone 3, grows plants usually hardy only in Zones 5, 6, or 7, but gets away with it because his garden is covered with several feet of snow every winter.

Answered by DSchrock
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Hardy cranesbill geraniums, delphiniums, hansa rose,some asiatic lilies,peonies,jens munk rose,therese bugnet rose, bleeding hearts,icelandic poppies,siberian iris,some daylilies,shasta daisies,columbines,artemisia,achillia,lilacs,mountain ash trees, some crabapples, also goe to the yukon gov't agricultural webpage, they'll have info. You can also buy a book on "gardening in the yukon",
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