How to make a small worm compost bin
How do you make a small homemade worm compost bin? I have seen them made with 2 or 3 shoebox size rubbermaid containers, but not sure how they did it. I do want to collect the "compost tea" in one of the bins.
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Thanks for writing. Worm composting is pretty easy --- start with just about any container that will hold water. It can be plastic, metal, etc. Large Rubbermaid containers tend to work really well.


Cut some air holes in the top, then fill it with shredded newspaper, saw dust (from non-treated wood), fallen leaves, peat moss, etc., sprinkle in some soil or compost, and water it so it's moist, but not wet. Then add your worms.


Feed the worms weekly with kitchen scraps (no meats, oils, dairy, or highly processed foods). Bury the scraps a little to keep gnats and flies from finding them. Then it's just a matter of watering your worms enough to keep them moist. You should be able to harvest the compost in about four months; from there you can make compost tea from it.


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A small styrofoam cooler make an excellent home for worm composting.
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