What to plant in areas by the beach?
I live by the Great South Bay in Long Island. We bought the cutest bungalow last fall. We've had floods, rains, and more floods. I am told that my table is high; two hours of rain and my 45 X 80 yard is under two inches of rain.Lets not talk when there is bad weather and the tide comes in, then i have almost 12 to 15 inches of salt water. I need to know what I can plant in this football field/marsh. I have FULL sun as well. NO I am not moving. HELP. I have pictures. How can i get your answers?
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Thanks for writing. That's a tough situation as a large number of salt-tolerant plants don't like to be in standing water for extended periods of time.


Your best bet, I think, is to contact your county extension office --- the agents there should be more familiar with plants indigenous to wet seaside areas than I can be. 


Sorry I can't help more. I'm sure your county extension agent will. Good luck!


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

Answered by CostaFarms