How do I change the flooring on a stairway?
We are in the process of purchasing a new home. The previous owners, when they were building the home, did not purchase hardwood steps for the stairway going to the 2nd floor, and they are currently covered in carpet. The entire 1st floor is hardwood while the entire second floor is carpet (and will remain carpeted for a few years). How can we make it look like hardwood without ripping the entire steps up and purchasing new ones? Please help.
Submitted by Carter071

Sorry, but nothing is coming to mind here.  I think you might just want to wait until you have the budget to install hardwood.

Answered by AskAProBlair
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Lowe's Holiday 2011 edition of Creative Ideas shows a stair makeover using a product called RetroTread which installs directly over sub stairs.
Submitted by skyvalleygal