Best Paint
Our contractor wants to use oil-based paint on our walls in the kitchen & bathroom. A friend who owns a True Value store said not to use oil-based. Too much prep work is involved if we want to repaint & the odor lasts a long time. I also read an article that said oil-based does not do well in humidity. We cool our house with an evaporative cooler, puts moisture in the air. What is your professional opinion? Thanks.
Submitted by pjrudzki1

Your contractor might be comfortable with a particular type of oil-based paint and is willing to stand behind it.  That being said, I
prefer latex paints since they are generally easier to apply, easier to clean the brushes and are easier on the environment.  When latex
paints fail, they tend to bubble and peel off.  Oil based paints get hard and chip and crack when they fail.  If your home gets too humid,
almost any paint will eventually have problems, however an evaporative cooler shouldn't bring the house beyond an acceptable level of

Answered by AskAProBlair