What is the best way to build a non-enclosed shower?
Our master bathroom is in 2 small connected rooms. We need to make it handicap accessible. I have rheumatoid arthritis and am likely to need it in the future, so we want to plan for that now. We are going to take a wall out to make one room, approximately 8x9-feet. Can we put in a shower, without enclosing it and how do we keep the water from getting everything else wet?
Submitted by johnson5206

The short answer is, yes, you can make a shower without enclosing it, however I recommend enclosing on 3 sides with the shower
head pointing towards on wall. There are shower curbs that can sit flush to floor, which allows wheelchairs to easily pass over them.  This
will contain the water so that you won't have to make the entire bathroom floor a waterproof shower pan.  To make the shower and
bathroom handicapped accessible, you should work with a designer or architect who is familiar with aging-in-place design. There are many
things to consider and it is best to work with a professional when laying this out.

Answered by AskAProBlair