Squirrels digging in flower pots
After just planting annuals in pots, the squirrels started digging in each & every one. Sometimes they even dug the flowers out! I live in a condo & the flowers are either or the front or on the deck in pots. Squirrels are plentiful because the property is adjacent to a woods.
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Thanks for writing. This is a very common problem in spring and one that's there's not really a good answer for. You can try sprinkling hot pepper flakes on the soil surface of your plants; its hot oils irritate squirrels just like they do people. Or, there are squirrel repellents (such as Squirrel Stopper) on the market under a variety of brand names; some people find success with them.


Other than that, I've never found or heard of anything that works reliably except patience; the squirrels generally lose interest in your pots after a couple of weeks.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor, BHG.com

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One clue I have used for years when planting bulbs is a wooden skewer thru aluminum foil until bulbs come up. Have also crinkled foil around the pots at base of plant until it gets a healthy start - Seems to deter the squirrels. There are colored foils out there but have not tried these.
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