Keeping calla lilies in pots all summer
My daughter is getting married at our home this July 18 and we live in northern Indiana. I have planted calla lilies in my shady spots before and they do very well. She would like me to pot callas and have them on the "center isle steps". #1 Is there anything I need to do special to keep them full and blooming nicely until July and #2 is there any annual I can pot with callas that is also shade loving? Thank you!
Submitted by rkhuns

When growing plants in pots its good to remember that they will need watering and fertilizing more frequently than plants growing in the ground. Other than that, they shouldn't need any special treatment.

There are many shade-loving annuals that might work well with your callas. Consider begonias, impatiens, torenia, coleus, and browallia.

Answered by DSchrock