How do you root roses?
how do you root roses?
Submitted by bonnieherston

Hi, Well it really depends on what rose you want to root. With some grafted roses, rooting won't do anything because the plant need a graft to make them strong enough to survive. But older types, especially of ramblers and climbers can often be rooted very easily by burying a section of living cane of the mother plant under the surface of the soil, leaving the tip of the cane above ground. Eventually roots will form on the buried section of the cane and you can separate it from the mother plant. However, unless I know what rose you want to root I can't be too specific. There are hundreds of roses and many different rose types so let me know what exactly you want to root.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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I have a Jackson Perkins climbing rose. It was planted 6 years ago and has done very well. The other day I suddenly noticed that a bunch of the leaves had turned yellow. I pulled the leaves off, I did not see any sign of aphids but I am worried about what is going on. I fed it the Bayer Rose food several weeks ago and it bloomed profusely for me. It is growing all kinds of new canes and the other leaves look dark and green and healthy. The only thing that I did that was different is I moved the branches around to secure it to the fence. I used the velcro take tape to secure the branches. Do you have any suggestions or advice to offer?
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