How do I take care of an amaryllis?
How do I take care of an amaryllis? A friend gave me one for the holidays.
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Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) likes to be pot-bound, so make certain that the pot you grow it in is no more than an inch or two larger than the diameter of the bulb. The potting soil should be well-drained, and the container should have a drainage hole. Position the bulb so its top two-thirds is above the soil level. Water only when the soil feels dry to the touch. If the soil is too wet, the bulb will rot. Amaryllis prefer cool (60-65°F) temperatures for growth, and need a sunny location to prevent the flower stalks and foliage from stretching. Five to six weeks after planting, a flower stalk should emerge from the bulb; large bulbs may produce 2 or 3 flower stalks. Rotate the container to prevent the flower stalk from leaning toward the light. While the plant is actively growing, give it a dose of dilute houseplant fertilizer. After the flowers fade, cut them off to prevent seeds from forming. Remove the stalk once it turns yellow Avoid removing any leaves. They're needed to produce food for re-bloom the following season. Keep the plant in a sunny location and water as needed. After all danger of frost has passed, you can move the bulb outdoors for the summer. Keep it actively growing through the summer by watering and fertilizing regularly. In fall, bring the bulb back indoors before frost hits. Stop watering the plant, and let the foliage die down naturally. Keep the bulb, pot and all, in a cool, dry, dark location for several months. After this resting period, bring it back to a warm location and start watering to initiate new growth and another bloom cycle. 


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I too have amaryllis growing in my yard in Birmingham (AL), a gift some 20 years ago. But they are becoming quite crowded. When - and how - should I divide them. They seem to be blooming less than in years past. Billy
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Hey ya'll. I'm in south Louisiana. I have mine in the gound in different spots in the yard. I don't do anything special in winter and they've done well. I didn't know they like coffee. I'll try that. good luck with your gardens BJ NOLA
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i have never grown one before,ilive in tennessee will this information work for me? i have it in my kitchen window.
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You're thinking like a Northerner. I live in California. I have red and white star amarillis in my front yard outside mostly underneath two trees. The bulbs grow like weeds. They're huge. I would never bring them inside. They definately like to rotate with the sun. I get beautiful blooms several times a year, especially after a heavy rain. They are very forgiving if I forget to water. I actually fertilize every two years, and give them leftover coffee. Would love to find plants similar.
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