Can I plant roses in containers?
Can I plant roses in containers? If so, what sizes and types of containers are best?
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You're in luck-virtually any rose will grow in a container. The container's size is more important than the type. Select a container that accommodates the plant's root ball and has room for the roots to grow. Smaller floribunda roses can grow in containers as small as 16 inches in diameter. Larger shrub roses will require more room, such as 24- to 36-inch containers.  Growing roses in containers is no different from growing the plants in the ground, except that roses in containers are more dependent on you for their water and nutrients, so they'll require more attention. If you live in an area that experiences subzero temperatures, you'll need to protect your roses during that time. Two ways of doing this are to "plant" the containers somewhere in the yard during the winter, or move the potted roses to a protected place, such as an unheated garage, until severe cold has passed.

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