Hedges dying
My husband calls our hedges "red tipped bushes". I don't know the formal name. They have white blooms in the spring. They have started dying within, but are still green on the outside. The leaves have spots on them. What do I do? Have lost some already! Thank you.
Submitted by bjscalicokitten

I suspect that your shrubs are red tip photinia, a fairly common landscape shrub in your area. New growth emerges with red foliage, changing to green as it matures. It does have white flowers in spring. This shrub is somewhat susceptible to Entomosporium leaf spot, a fungal disease. You may have to spray a protective fungicide to get the problem under control. It also helps to improve air circulation so that the foliage dries off quicker. This may mean pruning by thinning out some branches of the shrub or removing nearby shrubs that impede air movement.

Answered by DSchrock