How to care for potted perennials in the winter in Cherryville, NC?
I have planted perennials in my pots this year. I live in Cherryville, NC. Looks like I'm about a 7a or 7b zone. Honestly I'm not sure what plants I planted, but for the most part they are either grassy plants like a ground cover, I planted a "vine" looking plant with yellow flowers, and a couple others that are more "upright" plants. My question is what should I do to prepare them for the winter? I have read so many suggestions and I'm just not sure what is best for where I live?
Submitted by jessica.powell2

Hi, Well I won't be able to help you here unless I know what you've planted. Some perennials are far more tolerant of winter conditions and may or may not tolerate container care during the winter. Did you save any plant tags? It's just impossible to help because there are literally thousands of perennials to choose from and I can't guess what ones you planted. Sorry. Repost with more information if you have it.

Answered by doug.jimerson