What is the best siding for cement block exterior homes?
our home is a one story ranch style on slab and has a cement block exterior that was painted when we bought it--what would be the best siding to use and buy since we need to keep cost down and want something we can install ourselves. Our home is about 1300 sq ft. thanks
Submitted by lisa_bourque201

With the exterior of the house being cement block, you need to install wood firing stripes to pack out the wall and give you wood to install any type of siding. My best advice would be to visit NARI.org to find a certified contractor near you who could come out to assess your home and discuss if this is a DIY-friendly job. Siding installation can be tricky, and it's nothing to skimp on--improper installation could cause big headaches down the road.

Answered by AskAProBrianZ